Sedation Dentistry: A Safe and Effective Way to Overcome Dental Anxiety

Sedation dental procedures, also known as conscious sedation, involve the use of medication to help patients relax and feel more at ease during dental treatments. There are various reasons why a person might opt or a doctor might recommend sedation for a particular dental procedure, including: Dental anxiety or phobia: Sedation dentistry can alleviate the … Read more

Dealing With Different Types of Sleep Apnea

sleep apnea sufferer

Sleep apnea is a condition where normal respiration stops during sleep for any of a number of reasons. Types of sleep apnea: Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA): This is the most common type of sleep apnea. It happens when the muscles in the back of the throat fail to keep the airway open. This type of … Read more

Bone Grafts 101

Bone grafting is used when surgeons need a more stable area to perform an additional procedure like putting in dental implants. It involves getting bone from the patient’s own body, a donor or even synthetic sources and adding them to the desired area. As the area heals the donor bone fuses with native bone to … Read more

Is a Bridge Just as Good as Dental Implants?

When you lose a tooth, you need to replace it immediately to prevent regression of your jawbone. If the tooth is not returned, your jawbone and the neighboring teeth weaken, putting you at risk of losing even more teeth. Fortunately, you can now replace your missing teeth with dental bridges or implants. Your dentist will … Read more

What is the Best Way to Attach a Crown to a Dental Implant?

For hundreds of years, dental implants have been considered the most effective tooth replacement option, mainly due to their permanency and ability to function like natural teeth. Dental implants are made of metal frames and dental crowns. The metal frames or posts are inserted into your jawbone to act as the roots of the missing … Read more

Planning Your Dental Implants by the Time of the Year

Dental implants are undoubtedly the most effective tooth replacement option available today. According to recent studies done by the American College of Prosthodontists, over 9.3 million Americans have dental implants – and this number keeps growing by over half a million every year. Their popularity can be attributed to their ability to replace missing teeth … Read more