Are There Any Restrictions Before Patients Can Receive Sedation?

Sedation dentistry is a great tool offered by our doctors at Fort Worth Oral Surgery. Whether you require mild sedation to address the dental anxiety you struggle with, or you’ll be receiving IV sedation or general anesthesia for your upcoming oral surgery, our doctors are trained and qualified to safely administer the full array of sedation dentistry options available. However, as with any surgery, there are restrictions patients are required to follow before receiving sedation on their surgery day.

Restrictions Before Patients Can Receive Sedation Dentistry

For most oral surgeries, our doctors will use IV sedation or general anesthesia. Because of this, our team will provide you with detailed instructions before the day of your surgery, which will include important restrictions you should follow in order to receive sedation dentistry.

Dietary Restrictions
This is a restriction that applies to every one of our patients! Before you can receive sedation dentistry, our doctors will provide you with important pre-op dietary restrictions. You should avoid eating and drinking anything for at least 12 hours prior to your procedure. If you fail to follow this restriction and choose to eat or drink, your procedure will most likely have to be rescheduled. This is done as a safety precaution. If you have food or drink on your stomach after you receive sedation, you could vomit or aspirate while you are under the effects of anesthesia. These complications can be serious, which is why it is important to follow the instructions our doctors provide.

Medicine Restrictions
If you take medication or supplements on a regular basis, be sure to let our doctors know. Unless your prescribing physician indicates that you need to continue taking a medication for your safety, our doctors will require you to refrain from taking any medication the morning of your surgery. They will also make contact with your prescribing physician in order to make the best decision to keep you safe.

Health Restrictions
If you are a patient planning to receive sedation dentistry for oral surgery, it is important that you provide honest and complete information regarding your health history so our doctors will be able to create a treatment plan for your procedure that is safe and effective. Some health conditions such as asthma and diabetes could affect how our doctors prepare you for surgery and which form of sedation dentistry they choose to use.

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