Financial Information

Payment is expected at the time service is rendered unless other arrangements have been made in advance. For your convenience, we accept Cash, Check, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. Financing is also available through Care Credit and Lending Club Patient Solutions.

Insurance Information

Our Benefit Specialists work hard to provide our patients with an estimate of insurance coverage prior to their surgery, which allows patients to pay their estimated out-of-pocket amount upon check-in for their surgical procedure. To do this, we will require an initial evaluation visit and ten days thereafter to verify coverage and confirm benefits for your specific treatment plan prior to surgery. This verification of benefits is a verbal confirmation only and is not a guarantee of coverage. Please remember you are fully responsible for all charges regardless of your potential insurance benefit.
Payment for initial visits (including evaluation or x-rays) is due at the time of service, although we can provide you with an insurance-ready receipt you may send in for direct reimbursement. After the evaluation visit, our team will begin working on verification of coverage for your future surgery. In the case of emergency treatment or same-day surgery on the first visit, payment must be paid in full on the day of service. However, our Benefit Specialists can assist with claim submission for direct reimbursement to you.
It is important that we have copies of both your medical and dental insurance cards before we can proceed with verification. Some of your procedures may be covered under your medical insurance and some under dental. Additionally, some procedures may only be covered if provided in conjunction with other procedures.
Many factors affect the amount your insurance will pay. Some of these are:
  • Deductibles
  • Policy limitations for certain procedures
  • Yearly maximums
  • Benefits already used
  • Student status requirements
  • Plan year renewal dates
  • Usual and customary fees
  • Coordination of benefits or non-duplication clauses
  • Allowable amounts
  • Fee schedules
  • Missing tooth clauses
  • Age limitations
We work with all indemnity insurance plans. However, we are not preferred providers with any insurance company and are not participating providers for any HMO plans. We are not Medicaid providers and we have opted out of Medicare. This means that Medicare patients choose to see us on a private contract basis and agree not to submit claims to Medicare for treatment at FWOS.

If you have questions regarding your insurance, please contact our office. Our benefit specialists are very familiar with insurance and are happy to help you.

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    I have have one tooth at a time pulled.A good thing I wear a mask when in public. Not working now so I can have teeth pulled over period of time. I have been tramatized and spent fortune on root canals, caps etc over many years. I am now 72 and have receding gums, caps falling off etc. I think God for Dr. Scheidleman. He is brilliant and he CARES about his patients.He is patient and gentle. I feel confident and I am not scared. Five more to pull then implants. Thank you Dr. Scheidleman and God Bless. His office team also 😃👍 great.

    I have the worst fear of doing anything with my teeth. Dr. k and his staff really knew how to make me feel comfortable and assured me that I was in the right hands. I had the best experience here and it definitely changed the way I dental treatment in the future. Thank you to the staff that were professional, punctual and so very kind. And a big thank you to Dr. K for taking such great care of me!! Highly recommend!!

    Initial interactions were professional and thorough, I had two extractions for implants. My bone structure was good so no need for a bone graft. Dr. ScheidimenExplained the process in simplistic terms. The whole process took about 30-40 minutes. Shawna, my nurse patiently answered all of my questions and concerns. This was a very positive procedure. I am grateful to the team.

    Holly Witte
    Holly Witte2021-12-28

    Best experience I have had with dentist / oral surgeon. Dr. Kostohryz did a phenomenal job helping my dad with his teeth extraction.

    Benjamin B
    Benjamin B2021-12-30

    Would love to rate much much higher than 5 stars! From the second I was welcomed, I felt like family. Dr.Runyon and his staff, were more than accommodating to my needs. Got me in immediately (less than 24 hours) for wisdom teeth extraction. Dr. Runyon even called me the night of, during his personal time to check up on me. I had no swelling- and even went to work the next day! Thank you all for all of your hard work. It doesn’t go unnoticed. ♥️

    Dr. Kostohryz is wonderful. He is so kind and it's obvious that he genuinely cares about his patients. His entire team was great. From check in to check out the service was excellent. Highly recommend FWOS.

    Jennifer Bonds
    Jennifer Bonds2022-02-03

    I always have a hard time with dentists. I hate the tools and most of the time, I feel as if the staff is constantly judging me but the staff here is amazing! I came in today(they fit me in within 2 days) for wisdom tooth removal after an infection. My jaw had been shifted, couldn’t eat, constantly in pain but they put me to sleep, pulled the two teeth, and walked me out to my car. All done within 15 minutes. I’m in no pain at all and even got a checkup text from Dr. Scheideman. I still have two more wisdom teeth to be pulled so I will DEFINITELY be using them again!

    No nonsense, get er done dentist office made ya feel like everything will be OK, and they were right. Good job to all of you thank you. I will use yall for all my dentist stuff.

    Dr. Kostohryz and all his staff are great Highly recommend! You'll be in great hands!

    Marisa L.
    Marisa L.2022-03-31

    Dr. Scheideman and his staff were fantastic! I had a wisdom tooth infection and horrible pain and my dentist referred me to FWOS. They were able to fit me in for a consult within 2 hours of my dentist calling, which was amazing. Yesterday I had all 4 wisdom teeth extracted. The nurse/tech (I think her name was Jennifer) was super friendly and confirmed all my information and put me at ease to prep me for surgery. Dr. Scheideman checked on me before we started and was very comforting. He even numbed the spot on my arm where the IV was placed so I literally felt no pain for the entire procedure. I woke up a little dizzy and numb but pain free. I was sent home with thorough instructions, pain medication, and aftercare supplies. Dr. Scheideman even texted me to check in on me the next day. I am shocked how little pain and swelling I've had, and I feel surprisingly good! Obviously I hope to never have oral surgery again but if I did I would run to FWOS. 10 of 10. Would recommend!

    Lisa Deisinger
    Lisa Deisinger2022-04-24