Feeling Empowered by Managing Your Recovery

Whether you have just had oral reconstructive surgery or a dental implant procedure, you will need to give yourself enough time to recover. In the past, patients recovering from oral surgery had to go for regular checkups at the clinic, which was time-consuming and expensive.

However, things have improved, thanks to the ongoing technological advancements in dentistry and medicine in general. These technologies have given rise to enhanced recovery programs (ERPs) designed to enhance post-surgical recovery. Although compliance with these programs’ various components is still minimal, they have proved to be quite reliable in enabling patients to manage their recovery. This article discusses the options available to you to manage your recovery.

Text Messages

Instead of driving long distances to and from the clinic, oral surgery patients can now receive postoperative guidelines from their doctors through text messages on their cellphones. These guidelines include cleaning and dressing up the surgical wounds, prescriptions, and any other information about the recovery process. With this option, you have enough time to rest and heal. It also gives you peace of mind knowing that your doctor is only one text message away in case of an emergency.


Many hospitals and clinics are now using phone applications to stay in touch with their patients. Through these apps, surgery patients can get all the information they need to enhance their recovery. For instance, if you are unsure which foods you should eat to speed up healing, you go to your doctor’s app and browse through the various diet plans available. You will also find recovery tips for every type of surgery. These apps are also useful for issues like pain management, medication adherence, and vital signs. This enables you to manage your recovery from the comfort of your house.

Virtual Appointments

Most oral surgeries require follow-up appointments so that your doctor can closely monitor your progress and identify potential problems before they become emergencies. Unlike in the past, when you had to drive or walk to the clinic, today you can chat with your doctor from overseas, thanks to technology. With virtual visits, you enjoy great convenience and safety because you can easily speak with your doctor even when you cannot leave the house.

So, before you book an appointment with any oral surgeon, make sure they have these programs. Being able to manage your recovery not only saves you time and money but also guarantees you convenience and peace of mind.

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