Reconstructive Oral Surgery Can Heal What is Inside a Person Too

Whether your oral defects are a result of trauma, facial injuries, or are hereditary, they will have a negative impact on different aspects of your life including physical and psychological. If these defects are not treated immediately, they will lead to despair, anxiety, poor social interactions, low self-esteem, etc. But with reconstructive oral surgery, patients are able to correct these defects and begin to love themselves.

Reconstructive oral surgery is a complex procedure that helps to address, treat, and ease an array of oral conditions and problems. Here are some of the benefits of reconstructive oral surgery and how it can heal you both physically and psychologically.

Treating Facial Trauma

Facial trauma includes minor and complex skin tears, fractured jawbone, detached nerves, and other oral injuries. This oral procedure will help you correct the torn skin, set the fractured bones, reconnect detached nerves, and remedy other serious oral defects. Depending on the severity of the injuries, the reconstruction procedure might include treating jaws, nasal bones, cheeks, eye sockets, and oral tissues. So, by restoring your physical appearance, this corrective procedure leaves you feeling beautiful and gives you the courage to stand in front of people without covering your face.

Reconstructive and Cosmetic Augmentations

Reconstructive and cosmetic augmentations are designed to restore the structure and function of your maxillofacial area. This includes correcting jaws, facial bones, and soft tissues that have been damaged due to accidents or the removal of oral tumors. Accidents can leave your maxillofacial area completely disfigured, making it hard for you to perform important tasks with your mouth like eating and speaking. It’s even more stressful when people mock and make fun of you when you struggle to pronounce certain words. Therefore, reconstructive oral surgery will make you feel normal again.

Alleviating Oral Pain

Some serious oral complications such as TMJ disorders cause persistent pain that will leave you completely laid up. It will also affect your productivity at work and interactions with friends, relatives, and colleagues. By treating this pain and discomfort, you will become happier and more productive in your daily endeavors. Your relationship with other people will also improve.

Correcting Jaw Misalignment

Jaw misalignment affects your ability to chew, speak, and breathe. This procedure helps to rectify irregularities in your upper and lower jaws, thus creating proper dental and maxillofacial balance. This oral surgery is also perfect for correcting hereditary defects such as cleft lip and cleft palate. It is the most effective way to put to an end the many years of shame and rejection.

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